IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, THE MOST GRACIUOS, THE MOST COMPASSIONATE, THE MOST MERCIFUL ALCO SHIPPING SERVICES L.L.C. the mother Company of The ALCO GROUP started the operations in the Year 1990 with a single Marine Tanker and small Office In Ajman U.A.E.

Later slowly & steadily with Allah's Blessings, Parents Prayers and Support from Well Wishers ALCO SHIPPING SERVICES L.L.C is now a preeminent shipping industry in UAE, ministering petroleum products and bunkering, with our Sister Company ALCO FUEL TRADING L.L.C. and dealing with transcendent services comprising of fuel tankers, mobile Drydock facilities and repairs and maintenance of Marine vessels with ABS MARINE ENGINEERING SERVICES FZC.

Then in year 2010 a unique of its own kind in this region we were able to complete in a record time of 3 years the Distillation processing Plant ABS ITERNATIONAL ENERGY L.L.C. with the support of ABS CONSTRUCTION L.L.C. AND PROFESSIONAL SAFETY AND SECURITY SERVICES L.L.C.

The ALCO GROUP OF COMPANIES is fundamental, as all the experience, resources and technology that is required, we have acquired through the resolute efforts of our skilled & committed team.

By synchronizing demands of refinery, bunker and vessel owners, we are able to optimize the trade value, extensive global trading services, advanced risk management of petroleum products and solutions. These are some of the areas where we enjoy customer confidence the most, and our success is attributed in being consistently dynamic, innovative and well-informed.

Our future aim is to reach the utmost prosperity by sharing the target and interests of our customers and together cooperate as a single entity to obtain success.

Trust, Our Aim Is Always To Render

Looking Forward In Flourishing Together Our Good Business Relations With Bond Of Honesty And Dedication.

Without the diligent and hardworking team at Alco Group, we would not be able to deliver and maintain our first-class customer service. At Alco, we believe that our employees are an asset to the company and that every employee makes a valuable contribution to the success of the company.

TEAM=Together Everyone Achieve More

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