Comprises of distillation and processing of petroleum products to produce Marine Gas Oil. We are fully equipped for the facilities needed for fully equipped for facilities needed for loading liquid hydrocarbon into a range of vessels, proper flame arrestors are installed to prevent any flash back with automatic shut off system. A complete understanding of the energy market requires appreciating the views of all-important players, their concerns, challenges faced and the solutions that are being considered. At ABS International Energy LLC, we work to ensure reliable, affordable and clean energy solutions for all of our customers. The company is headed and managed by a professional and an experienced engineer who is well versed with the changing trends & techniques of the energy sector. As a backbone of all our commitments, there is a core team, which is a combination of well-recognized specialists from various segments of renewable energy, carbon footprints, and environment.

Our distilination and processing plant Produce Marine Gas Oil, Fuel Oil, Kerocene and Other products by vacume distilation Process .The Base Oil Stocks are Then Mixed And Compounded With Additives To Meet The Required Physical And Chemical Characteristics Of Motor Oil ,Industrial Lubricants ,Marine Engine Oils and Other metal working Oil.

We understand the market, the technology; the drivers and the challenges faced by the industry, & have thus established global partnerships to deliver a range of high services with performance that makes us partners of choice for our clients.

Since our inception in 2008, we have evolved, expanded & have continued to build good working relationship with our customers by operating assets at optimum performance level, thereby requiring relatively maintenance expenditures.

We also have our own in-house team to train and develop the personnel to be best in the energy industry.

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